Your invoice document will be sent to your email right after placing the order, You will receive an invoice from us. In order to get your invoice, go to my account.

→ Put the ID or the email used for the purchase in the empty box. We will instantly send you an email with a direct link to your order. (If you have purchased from us for the first time, it is quite possible that our message has been sent to your spam folder.) After you enter your ID, this page will appear to you: This page contains all your order details, above you will find “Print Invoice” so you can print it on a paper or you can “Print Invoice (PDF)” if you want to download your Invoice as a PDF file.

In order to get your key activation, Please go to your email inbox and access your “License information for your order”

→ Please choose “if you have a registered account” if you have created an account. Or click on “ if you signed as a guest”.

→ Please put your order ID or the email used for the purchase in the empty box you see. The following page will appear to you, it contains all your order information. To view your license key, please go to “Customer information” and click on “View my license key”

→ Copy your license key and use it to activate your product successfully.

Yes, We do provide genuine lifetime license keys that are 100% legal. We confirm that we comply with the applicable legal rules and ensure that the conditions for the lawful use of the software are fully met.

 Our customer support team is always ready to help you with the installation of your product.

→ If you are facing a problem with the installation, our technicians are ready to take your case in charge and will install the product in your stead via remote access using the TeamViewer, AnyDesk, Zoom Meeting application.

→ Please install the application from the link below:

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